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OnSight253 Fitness is rapidly becoming one of the top tier athletic training programs here in the Puget Sound region.  Serving a clientele base ranging from NFL talent such as pro bowl corners Desmond & Marcus Trufant to the average stay at home parent & high school student athlete. Louis Davis Jr. has developed a training program that not only caters to the physically elite but those just looking to break the monotony of their workweek with an intense sweat session.


Within minutes of meeting Louis, you will quickly see why so many in the area want to work alongside him. The energy, passion & charisma he trains with in his sessions is so contagious that he’ll have you excelling to physical & mental levels you may not have even been aware were possible and the best part  with a smile on your face.


Davis is a proud product of Tacoma graduating from Wilson High school and later playing football at Central Washington & Portland State were he generated NFL buzz. Unfortunately due to several knee injuries including back to back micro fractures on both knees his days as a player were prematurely ended. Louis didn’t let that discourage him though coming back to Tacoma to eventually look into the world of physical training where he’s been fortunate to be mentored local great PT Tim Manson Jr.


After some words of encouragement from his support system he went back to school to get his PT certifications & started his journey opening OnSight253 Fitness. The company has blossomed passed Louis’ expectations generating an enormous amount of buzz & love around the city. Louis & his company also plan to give back to the Tacoma community by way of both donating his time and materials. Louis and the rest of the OnSight253 Fitness team will host their first annual Turkey Giveaway this November at the newly opened Eastside Community center.